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We've discovered an issue in 2.3.2 that, in rare cases, allowed users to create accounts with the same username as existing accounts. If you have already upgraded to v2.3.2, it is recommended to upgrade to v2.3.3 as soon as possible.

v2.3.3 is a small patch and requires no extra steps, only getting the new code and restarting Mastodon.

A new rake task is included to troubleshoot/clean-up.

netzkombinat is really close to 10 users so who wants an account???

Good morning, Fediverse!

Hello to all the seasoned folks!
Hello to all the new folks who will become seasoned folks!
Hello to all the new folks who are just stopping by to see how things are!

Hope your day goes well!

@boet Yeah! 100 #Mastodonten! Freut mich, dass und damit #Mastodon und das #Fediverse insgesamt weiter wachsen. Sind die Neuen alles #Facebook-Flüchtlinge?

#deleteFacebook #Party #Milestone

Foto von Randy Heinz (CC BY 2.0):

Alright... Very first toot on this new instance... Hope it will survive testing...

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