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Lust als , , Mensch in zu arbeiten? Wir suchen weiter Verstärkung...

Gibt es eigentlich noch mehr Mastodon Nutzer aus und Umgebung?

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The first thing I do when I start a conversation with someone at work is sit on their desk so they know I'm important. I learned that from my cats

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If you have an #Android smartphone, you might want to try installing the @fdroidorg app store.

F-Droid is an alternative app store that only carries apps that respect your privacy.

To install it, go here on your Android phone:


Click on Download F-Droid to start. (You may need to allow installation of unknown apps, either when prompted or in settings.)

For a more in-depth look at #alternatives on F-Droid, see @ChrisWere's video:



Lust als , , Mensch in zu arbeiten? Wir suchen weiter Verstärkung...

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Ich finde übrigens die #android-app
mit der 1 sich sehr komfortabel an der Vervollständigung der #openstreetmap Daten beteiligen kann und die die Tage hier empfohlen wurde, sehr, sehr cool!

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis und ich werde gleich mal damit anfangen auf unserer Gassi-Tour ein paar Ergänzungen vorzunehmen.
#osm #opendata #kollaboration #fdroid

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Deutsche Bundesbehörden zahlen zwischen 43,5 Millionen Euro (2015) und knapp 74 Millionen Euro (2017) für Softwarelizenzen allein an Microsoft. Dazu kommen sicher noch ein paar weitere proprietäre Softwareprodukte. Was man mit dem Geld alles erreichen könnte, wenn man es stattdessen in Freie Software Angebote von lokalen Unternehmen investieren würde. heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Bu

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For a lot of us (mostly French), it's gonna be our fisrt year en Mastodon. We found friends, happiness, joy, fun, help and freedom. We enjoy this 😘
So @gargron thank you for all the work done and all the work that you are still doing

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That's quite sad.

I often see people complaining publicly about Mastodon development here, but I almost never see people thanking @Gargron and contributors for the work they're doing.
I'm sure most people have more positive feedback than negative to make but don't.

Mastodon might have its problems but it's still a great piece of software.

Send some love to Gargron and others.
Or contribute. This is free software, you know.

Ui... Es gibt M.A.S.K. bei Amazon Prime Video.... Die 80er lassen grüßen...

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Wow, during the last night, chaos.social has crossed 100k toots. Nice work, tootlings! :fairydust: #mastoadmin #instancestats

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We've discovered an issue in 2.3.2 that, in rare cases, allowed users to create accounts with the same username as existing accounts. If you have already upgraded to v2.3.2, it is recommended to upgrade to v2.3.3 as soon as possible.

v2.3.3 is a small patch and requires no extra steps, only getting the new code and restarting Mastodon.

A new rake task is included to troubleshoot/clean-up.


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netzkombinat is really close to 10 users so who wants an account???
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Good morning, Fediverse!

Hello to all the seasoned folks!
Hello to all the new folks who will become seasoned folks!
Hello to all the new folks who are just stopping by to see how things are!

Hope your day goes well!

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